Plus One

B: Hey, Totoro is the best date. He's the strong, silent type. Knows how to use an umbrella. Has sick dance moves. Has his own car to get from place to place. Probably beats out any of their dates.

Looking through instagram & seeing two college friends taking selfies w/ celebrities at the EMMY’s.  

Meanwhile, what am I doing with my life?

Just casually learning about the bacteria & viruses that cause diarrhea.  #medschoolshits


"That’s the Grandmaster in the back. He doesn’t speak much English. He was number one in China back in 1980, so I knew of his name long before I met him. He’s very humble. A true gentleman fighter. He’s 68, but I’ve seen him put a spear against his neck, and use it to push a car."
"So at what point can you call yourself a Grandmaster?"
"A Grandmaster doesn’t say he’s a Grandmaster. Other people say it for him."